Xmlinput2xsf Xsl

Conversion template to generate an XCrysDen structure file (xsf file) out of the exciting input.xml file.

How this template is used (the symbol $ indicates the shell prompt):

$ xsltproc $EXCITINGROOT/xml/inputfileconverter/xmlinput2xsf.xsl input.xml > structure.xsf

Note: xsl needs the atomic number for selecting the right color. If present, the attribute atomicNumber of the species elemen is used. Otherwise the template tries to open the species files. Because the path lookup happens relative to the template and not to the source document it is necessary to specify the species path on th command line:

$ xsltproc -path $EXCITINGROOT/species $EXCITINGROOT/xml/inputfileconverter/xmlinput2xsf.xsl input.xml > structure.xsf
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