The Python Script ""

by Benedikt Maurer

Purpose: The python script is employed in the tutorial Spin-texture calculation for producing the plot of the spin texture.

General description: can be used to plot the spin texture data from the file spintext.xml, that is produced by a spin texture calculation in exciting.

Optional arguments:

Argument Shortcut Default Description
--help -h Show the help message and exit.
--directory -d Defines the relative path to the directory where input.xml and spintext.xml are stored.
--band -b Defines the band index for the plot.
--contour -c 'spin_z' Defines the context of the contour plot. Choises are 'energy' and 'spin_z'.
--contour_threshhold -cthr 'max' Defines a threshhold for the contour in case of -c = 'spin_z'. If -cthr = 'max', the threshhold is determined by the absolute maximum of the spin texture in the z direction. Else the threshhold can be defined with a real number.


☛ Tutorial: Spin-texture calculation
$ -b 29  -c energy
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