Elements Tool
The elements tool is a python program for calculating the bulk modulus of pure bulk materials. It also helps to find a converged set of calculation parameters in order to maximize accuracy.
Get Xsltproc
xsltproc is the most widely spread XSLT 1.0 processor with many EXSLT extensions.
How to setup eclipse as XML editor
Eclipse is an open source IDE (integrated development environment) with really good XML support.
Templating Tools

Templating tools are about separating data from tool specific file formats. And about getting nice pictures fast.

Crystal 3d visualization tool.
Visualize Xml Data With Python And Matplotlib
Python, numpy, matplotlib, and lxml are a powerful toolset for creating plots from XML data.
Crystal 3d visualization tool.
XMGrace is an aging but still good plotting software
Xmllint - validation of xml files
xmllint can check for well-formed-ness and validity of an XML file. In case of the exciting input file one can invoke
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