Structure optimization

Element: structureoptimization

The element structureoptimization activates the optimization of atomic postions.

Type: no content
XPath: /input/structureoptimization

This element allows for specification of the following attributes: epsforce, resume, tau0atm

Attribute: epsforce

Convergence tolerance for the forces during a structural optimization run.

Type: no content
Default: "5.0d-5"
Use: optional
XPath: /input/structureoptimization

Attribute: resume

Resumption of a structural optimization run using the density in STATE.OUT, but with positions from input.xml.

Type: boolean
Default: "false"
Use: optional
XPath: /input/structureoptimization/@resume

Attribute: tau0atm

Parameter determining the step size for structural optimization.

In each step $m$ of a structural optimization run, atom $\alpha$ is displaced according to

\begin{align} {\bf r}_{\alpha}^{m+1}={\bf r}_{\alpha}^m+\tau_{\alpha}^m \left({ \bf F}_{\alpha}^m+{ \bf F}_{\alpha}^{m-1}\right), \end{align}

i.e., the magnitude of the displacement in step $m$ is proportional to $\tau_{\alpha}^m$. For the initial step, $\tau_{\alpha}^0$ is set to tau0atm. If the forces of two subsequent steps have the same sign, $\tau_{\alpha}^m$ is increased by $\tau_{\alpha}^0$. Otherwise, $\tau_{\alpha}^m$ is reset to $\tau_{\alpha}^0$.

Type: fortrandouble
Default: "0.2d0"
Use: optional
XPath: /input/structureoptimization/@tau0atm

Reused Elements

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