Download and Compile exciting

by Andris Gulans & Pasquale Pavone for exciting nitrogen

Purpose: In this tutorial you will learn how to download and quick compile exciting.

Table of Contents

1. Installation

First, you should choose the directory where you want to unpack the current release, exciting nitrogen. All examples in this tutorial assume that the source code of exciting is unpacked to /home/tutorials. From now on the symbol $ will indicate the shell prompt.

$ mkdir /home/tutorials 
$ cd /home/tutorials

Download the current release, exciting nitrogen here, and unpack it.

$ tar xvf exciting.nitrogen.tar.gz

Before proceeding further, be sure that relevant environment variables are already defined as specified in How to set environment variables for tutorials scripts. If you choose a different location than /home/tutorials, replace /home/tutorials in your ~/.bashrc file with an appropriate path as indicated in How to set environment variables for tutorials scripts.

Then, move inside the exciting directory and compile the code!

$ cd exciting
$ make

The compilation script allows you to choose a compiler and other preferences. For the purpose of using exciting within this and the other tutorials, choose 9 (ifort) and no k-point parallelization support. Pay attention that the (yes/No) choice implies typing a full word and not just the first letter.

perl ./

___ Compilation options __________________________________________________

   1   AIX.xlf.poe.essl
   2   CrayXT6
   3   DUNE
   4   HLRN.Intel
   5   g95
   6   g95.mac
   7   gfortran
   8   gfortran.mac
   9   ifort
  10   mkl
  11   pgf90

 Enter the number of the platform that suites your system best:

 ===>  9

 You use the makefile from:


 If the compilation fails, edit "build/" and execute "make" again.

 If MPI is installed, do you want to include k-point parallelization ?

 == (yes/No) ==>  no

___ Starting compilation _________________________________________________


If the compilation step was successful, the binary file excitingser should be available in the /home/tutorials/exciting/bin directory.

$ ls /home/tutorial/exciting/bin

Now, exciting has been compiled and you can start with the other Tutorials.

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