Release of exciting Nitrogen

We are happy to present exciting nitrogen, the newest main release of the exciting code.

  • Main new features:
    • Implementation of BSE calculations beyond the Tamm-Dancoff approximation (TDA).
    • Implementation of core and optical spectroscopy within BSE at finite momentum difference.
    • Distributed diagonalization of the BSE Hamilonian via ScaLapack.
    • Implementation of maximally localized Wannier functions.
    • Wannier interpolation of band structures, density of states, and effective masses.
    • Electronic-transport coefficients by solving the Boltzmann equation.
    • Tutorial scripts are updated and new script tools are added to the existing one.
    • The global variable $EXCITINGSCRIPTS is now obsolete, use $EXCITINGTOOLS instead.

All previous releases of exciting can be found here.

August 2018
(The exciting team)
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