How To Use Exciting On The Cecam Machines

Virtual Box

The exciting code is installed in /home/exciting/workspace/exciting


The cluster must be accessed through the master node:

ssh tutoXX@cecampc4

Replace XX with your workstation number. Password is the same as on the workstation.

Compute nodes

Every workstation user has an assigned node:

Node cores Users
node000 8 tuto01 tuto02
node001 8 tuto03 tuto04
node002 8 tuto05 tuto06
node003 8 tuto07 tuto08
node004 8 tuto09 tuto10
node005 8 tuto11 tuto12
node005 4 tuto13
node007 4 tuto14
node008 4 tuto15
node009 4 tuto16
node010 4 tuto17
node011 4 tuto18
node012 4 tuto19
node013 4 tuto20
ssh node0XX

Set Environment

Add the line

module add  intel-cc/10.1.015 intel-fc/10.1.015 intel-mkl/ openmpi/1.2.6_intel-10.1.015 xcrysden/1.5.17 fftw/3.2.2_intel-10.1.015 gcc/4.2.4

to .profile


EXCITINGROOT is /nfs_home/tutoadmin/exciting

sgroup and atat binaries are in /nfs_home/tutoadmin/bin

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