exciting helium

We are happy to present exciting helium, the second major release of the exciting code. It contains a series of new functionalities, extensions, and bug fixes, as well as a comprehensive collection of tutorials.

Download the source code of exciting helium: exciting.helium.2010.12.17.tgz . Please, read how to compile.

64Bit Linux .deb package: exciting.helium.2010.12.17.64bit.linux.deb

New features


Core excitations
X-ray spectra from solving the Bethe-Salpeter equation
Incorporation of libxc
A variety of exchange-correlation functionals is available by linking the libxc library with exciting.


Van der Waals interaction
Implementation of van der Waals density functionals in a post-scf manner.
A fully automatized interface between exciting and the Alloy Theoretic Automated Toolkit (ATAT). ATAT is a cluster-expansion code which allows the calculation of thermodynamic properties of alloys on the basis of DFT calculations.
A tool for obtaining the full elastic tensors for any crystal structure from exciting total-energy calculations.


A wide range of documented examples is now available.

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