The current version of exciting is supported by a wide number of tutorials.

Input reference

A detailed description of all the parameters which can be defined in the input exciting file can be found in Input reference.


A list of publications containing results utilizing the exciting code can be found here.


Templating tools

If you actually start doing "real work" you want to get familiar with the Templating Tools. They unveil great power when dealing with complex experiment setups and data visualization. The Template Market lists many examples.


The recommended way to create visualizations is using visualization templates. There are a range of those templates for the most common tasks in the Template Market.

Structure generation and editing

Spacegroup and supercells

The spacegroup tool helps completing the unit cell from the space-group and Wyckoff positions. Learn how to use spacegroup.

Species files and the species tool

exciting includes a tool to generate the species definitions for the chemical elements. Learn how to use it and how the species file syntax works by looking at Generate the species definitions and Species file format.

Other useful tools

List of Useful Tools

Developers documentation (only internal)

Internal report on groundstate calculations

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