The exciting Code

exciting is a full-potential all-electron density-functional-theory package implementing the families of linearized augmented planewave methods. It can be applied to all kinds of materials, irrespective of the atomic species involved, and also allows for exploring the physics of core electrons. A particular focus are excited states within many-body perturbation theory.

Events & News

exciting NEWS 2021
The online tutorial exciting NEWS 2021 took place on June 16, 18, 21, and 23, 2021. This event was a light version of the HoW exciting! workshop and consisted of keynote lectures as well as selected hands-on sessions related to new advancements in the full-potential all-electron code exciting.
This was the "exciting Shanghai School 2018"
The "exciting Shanghai School 2018" consisted of hands-on tutorials as well as keynote lectures on first-principles simulations in materials science. This event, taking place November 17-22, 2018, was hosted by the International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structures, ICQMS, of Shanghai University in Shanghai, China.

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